UltraMonit® Heidrun

Sensorlink installed a UltraMonit® subsea clamp on a water injection pipeline at the Heidrun platform in the North Sea 3-4 years back. The clamp was equipped with 96 ultrasound transducers for circumpherencial measurement around 50 cm along the pipe.


The system was designed with acoustic communication so that data could be picked up by the platform’s ROV. The data has not been collected the last year, and we were very curious about the data quality when it was picked up from the water in May 2013. The data was of high quality and with high resolution. The picture below showes a sample wall loss kurve for one measurement channel. This curve indicates that the wall lost 0,19 mm of wall thickness during the 315 days plotted. The average wall loss for the measurement area (all 96 transducers) over the same period was approximately 0,10 mm.