Sensorlink awarded major contract with BP

Sensorlink, in collaboration with Innovation Norway and NCEI partners, awarded a major subsea instrumentation contract.

BP have awarded Sensorlink a contract worth approximately 50 million NOK to deliver 10 of its UltraMonit® high precision corrosion monitoring systems for BP-operated Shah Deniz Stage 2 development project in Azerbaijan. The UltraMonit® instrument is to be used as part of Shah Deniz 2’s flowline Integrity Management Strategy, monitoring corrosion rates and providing real time feedback on the effectiveness of the injected anti-corrosions inhibitors.

Harald Sleire, Managing Director of Sensorlink, commented “This is a very important milestone not only for Sensorlink, but also as acceptance of the technology as a valuable tool in Oil and Gas production. The uniqueness of our none-intrusive technology is the level of sensitivity which allows detection of micrometre changes in corrosion rate within a matter of days. This capability is what distinguishes Sensorlink from many of our competitors and was a tributary factor in being invited to qualify for this esteemed contract”.

Mr Sleire also commented on the uniqueness of the Trondheim region which he felt was instrumental in the success of Sensorlink from qualification activities through to this delivery.

UltraMonit® corrosion monitoring unit installed on pipe system
UltraMonit® corrosion monitoring unit installed on pipe system

The UltraMonit® technology was originally developed in collaboration with Statoil and Gassco and was then commercialised by Sensorlink.  The system was first qualified to work in conjunction with DEH (Direct Electric Heating), where Sensorlink collaborated directly with BP and SINTEF (one of the world’s leading authorities on DEH).

In initiation of the qualification, Mr Sleire emphasised the role Innovation Norway had had as an active funding partner in enabling the start-up of the project. During additional stages of the qualification Sensorlink have, and are still collaborating extremely closely with Inventas on subseas design, NCEI partner’s such as Simpro on manufacturing, vibration and temperature qualification (ISO 13626-8), and Norbit on pressure testing and quality assurance.

Sensorlink  have also worked closely with Axess Orkanger on weld qualification and with Bredero Shaw on thermal coating of the prototype. In the final stages of the qualification we have also had the pleasure of working with Statoil Rotvoll to perform what is known as TRL4 testing, where the complete UltraMonit® subsea unit was pressure tested in seawater over a 48 hour period to establish that the system is fully functional in its natural operational environment to water depths of up to 2000m.

Mr Sleire stated “This project marks a major breakthrough for Sensorlink in the subsea market with the 10 units being delivered to BP-operated Shah Deniz 2 Project over the next 2 years, thus securing a high level of activity and a unique opportunity to develop the company.

For further details please contact Harald Sleire Managing Director or Edd Tveit Business Development Director.