Sensorlink award contract with West African operator

Early this year Sensorlink was awarded a contract by a major West African operator for delivery of one UltraMonit retrofit subsea unit. The contract is a collaboration between Sensorlink and our partner EON Engineering Ltd. The UltraMonit Retrofit will be installed on an existing subsea oil export pipeline to monitor corrosion rates and provide feedback on corrosion inhibitor effectiveness.

To minimise the installation cost and time, the UltraMonit is autonomous and battery driven with a wireless communication unit. Data from the UltraMonit unit uploads via acoustic communication to shore for use in the operation and asset integrity management.
The West African waters are challenging with respect to marine growth and deposits and we have therefore tailored the tool to ensure that the ultrasonic sensors work under as optimal conditions as possible, says managing director Harald Sleire. The contract is important, as it will demonstrate the ease of installing an autonomous retrofit tool to get valuable data about existing pipelines.