About Sensorlink

Tools for Pipeline Integrity Management Systems

In recent years, ever-increasing concerns for the environment have resulted in a raft of regulations governing the transportation of oil and gas. Operators and contractors are increasingly conscious of the high costs of inadequate intergrity management programs. One thing is the HSE hazards related to not having control over the assets integrity – another aspect i to optimize the assets lifetime.

Sensorlinks main objective is to provide products which allow its customers to meet the demands of the modern oil and gas industry. Sensorlink specializes in innovative solutions for pipeline integrity management, in particular problems related to corrosion and erosion.

Sensorlinks PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients’ need for effective and reliable corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements.  UltraMonit® is a clamp-on subsea tool containing ultrasonic transducers which allow online access to highly accurate corrosion data. PipeMonit® is a lighter version for topside and onshore applications.

Ultrasonics Expertise

The greatest strength of Sensorlink is its employees, who possess a wealth of technical expertise and experience in developing and providing monitoring systems and instrumentation based on acoustic or electromagnetic technology. By utilizing the full range of our competence in a variety of fields, including ultrasonic sensors, electronics, digital processing and pipeline physics, they are able to devise corrosion measurement systems that cater perfectly to the specific needs of their customers. For the same reason Sensorlink has succeeded in developing customized solutions for its customers.