Successful installation of PipeMonit® in Malaysia

Sensorlink has recently finished the installation of a PipeMonit® system for the Gumusut Kakap field in Malaysia.
The PipeMonit® system installed consist of 48 SWARM® sensors and a Safe Data Logger(SDL).
The SWARM® sensors was installed on 6 pcs 8 inch production riser bends with difficult access for manual inspection.
This PipeMonit® system monitor erosion/corrosion and feed data to the platform DCS and enables the operator to take rapid action if erosion/corrosion rate is changing. The end customer was very happy with the way Sensorlink performed the installation and how SWARM® can be installed without problems in areas with difficult access.
The system is now up and running and give valuable data to the operator.

Congratulations to the operator and the installation team.

Sensorlink specializes in innovative solutions for pipeline integrity management, in particular problems related to corrosion and erosion.

The main objective for us is to provide products which allow its customers to meet the demands of the modern oil and gas industry.
Sensorlinks PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients’ need for effective and reliable corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements. UltraMonit® is a clamp-on subsea tool containing ultrasonic transducers which allow online access to highly accurate corrosion data. PipeMonit® is a lighter version for topside and onshore applications.

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