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PipeMonit® Swarm® (pdf, 572 kB)
Sensorlink corrosion monitoring made easy. Technical Brochure

PipeMonit® Swarm® S1 Data Sheet (pdf, 216 kB)
PipeMonit SWARM® flexible high performance corrosion/erosion sensor.

PipeMonit Questionnaire
For Topside/Onshore monitoring submit PipeMonit Questionnaire for budgetary quote.

PipeMonit® Field Data Logger and Junction Box Data Sheet
The PipeMonit® Field Data logger performs daily logging in semi-automated or fully automated mode. The PipeMonit® Junction box provides an easily accessible USB interface between the PDL and SWARM.

PipeMonit® FDL Ex Data Sheet
PipeMonit® Field Data logger for hazardous area, Ex II 2 G, Ex d e [ib] IIC T6

Portable Data Logger Data Sheet
The PDL and PDL Ex are Windows based rugged PDAs with PipeView® application software. The PipeView®
app includes everything needed for commissioning and operation of any PipeMonit® Swarm®.

PipeMonit® Controller Data Sheet
The PipeMonit® Controller and PipeMonit® Controller EX processes the analog UT signals and is the interface between the Data Logger and the Sensor Belt.

An introduction to our corrosion and erosion monitoring product UltraMonit®.
UltraMonit® in SITU
UltraMonit in SITU product brochure

UltraMonit® Retrofit
UltraMonit Retrofit product brochure

UltraMonit Questionnaire
For Subsea monitoring, submit UltraMonit Questionnaire for budgetary quote.

PipeMonit® Technical Brochure (pdf, 442 kB)
Real-time erosion and corrosion monitoring system

PipeMonit® Data Sheets (pdf, 631 kB)

PistonTrack® (pdf, 134 kB)
The monitoring system for drilling safety.

RiserMonit® system (pdf, 151 kB)
Advanced riser integrity monitoring systems

Paper: Using Ultrasound measurements for Real-Time Process Control of Pipelines and Process Equipment subjected to Corrosion and/or Erosion (pdf, 476 kb)
Corrosion and erosion remain two key issues in petroleum production. In the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for online process control where the rate of metal loss may be monitored. From an ultrasound perspective these challenges reduce to measuring the wallthickness over time.

Paper: High resolution ultrasound wall thickness measurements through polyester coating and real-time process control (pdf, 334 kb)
Epoxy-, polyester-, paint and similar coatings are often used for external corrosion protection on pipelines and other process equipment. It is well known that ultrasound transducers can determine wall thickness through such coatings. This paper explores how the sensitivity of high resolution pulse-echo ultrasound measurements from permanently installed immersion sensors are affected.