Corrosion Monitoring
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Non-intrusive, high precision and reliable topside and subsea wall thickness monitoring.

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Sensorlink Swarm

Swarm® Topside

– Real-time topside erosion and corrosion monitoring

Swarm® deliver high resolution ultrasonic erosion and corrosion monitoring. Swarm® delivers insight and facilitate quick response to wall thickness changes in pipelines and vessels. It is non-intrusive, and is installed and operated without interfering with production.

  • Highly accurate wall thickness measurements.
  • Accurate wall loss history.
  • Fast, simple and maintenance free installation.
  • Efficient data collection, wireless or through cable.
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Sensorlink Subsea

UltraMonit® Subsea

– High accuracy subsea wall thickness measurement

UltraMonit® is a system that effectively monitors internal corrosion and erosion rates in pipelines using ultrasound technology. The system is non-intrusive, meaning that the installation and utilization of the equipment does not interfere with the operation of the pipeline in any way.

  • Non-intrusive.
  • Online or remote operation.
  • Real-time data read out.
  • Easily installed and retrofitted.
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Why choose Sensorlink

We are all about making corrosion and erosion monitoring easier for you. Our technology allows you to make better and faster decisions, by providing insight through accurate and trustworthy data. Our team of experts can customise every single delivery to fit the client’s needs.

Our robust and reliable hardware, market leading data intepreration algorithms and our team’s expertise make Sensorlink the best choice for your next project.

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