COSASCO appointed world wide distributor of PipeMonit® SWARM

Sensorlink and Cosasco has signed an agreement for worldwide distribution of topside instruments, PipeMonit SWARM®.

Cosasco has a world wide network of offices and representatives that will distribute, do engineering and service for PipeMonit SWARM®. This will benefit all customers who will have presence from local representatives and get service on short notice.

Sensorlink will maintain ownership of the PipeMonit® SWARM product and technology. 

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Sensorlinks main objective is to provide products which allow its customers to meet the demands of the modern oil and gas industry. 

Sensorlinks PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients needs for effective and reliable permanent corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements. 

Both PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® tools contain non-intrusive ultrasonic transducers and a datalogger which allow access to highly accurate corrosion data. 

UltraMonit® InSitu is a subsea tool designed for newbuild pipelines and flowlines

UltraMonit® Retrofit is a clamp-on subsea tool designed for existing pipelines and flowlines.

UltraMonit® Retrofit Modular is designed for all types of spools, templates and modules subsea.

PipeMonit® SWARM is a lighter version for topside and onshore applications.


Ultrasonics Expertise

The greatest strength of Sensorlink is its employees, who possess a wealth of technical expertise and experience in developing and providing monitoring systems and instrumentation based on ultrasonic pulse echo technology. By utilizing the full range of our competence in a variety of fields, including ultrasonic sensors, electronics, digital processing and pipeline physics, we are able to devise corrosion and erosion measurement systems that cater perfectly to the specific needs of their customers. For the same reason Sensorlink has succeeded in developing customized solutions for its customers covering the specific needs that have been discovered.

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