We are considerate

  • We create a good working environment, help and care for our co-workers
  • We share and make sure co-workers and suppliers perform well
  • We consider the consequences before we act keeping the customer’s best in mind

We take on responsibility as a team

  • We engage in each other’s safety and performance
  • We ensure to involve others in our work to share information and to secure quality
  • We dare to tell internally and externally for the greater good of our customers

We communicate well

  • We acknowledge the challenges of precise communication and strive to listen actively
  • We communicate job expectations and risk elements internally and externally precisely
  • We avoid misunderstandings because we are open, precise, and dare to challenge

We are enterprising

  • We take pride in understanding our customers’ needs
  • We address effects of innovation both internal and for our customers
  • We strive to be agile with high execution capability

We strive for continuous improvements

  • We are observant and learn from every assignment, good or bad
  • We use learning to reduce risk in products and assignments
  • We see continuous improvements as the key to organisational learning

We keep deadlines

  • We plan well to ensure us to work safely and HSE is a vital part of the project planning
  • We acknowledge and challenge external factors driving our plans to avoid HSE issues.
  • We use HSE plans and risk assessments to help us provide high-quality service without causing any harm.