Accuracy proves decisive as Sensorlink wins milestone contract in the Gulf of Mexico

We are pleased to announce our first delivery of erosion monitoring on a pipe bend to one of the largest subsea markets in the world – the Gulf of Mexico.

Our delivery allows for real-time erosion monitoring of bends, facilitating improved and pro-active pipeline integrity management. As all our systems are non-intrusive, the client will have access to reliable high-resolution measurements without compromising pipeline integrity.

Service life of three decades

The system is designed and manufactured for a service life of 30 years, meaning the client can expect at least 30 years of monitoring without touching the installation again.

High level of accuracy

Because a large number of sensors can be arranged in a matrix covering a bend, even in complex structures, the data delivered is the sum of many single point measurements. Combined with our market leading precision, operators can rest assured that they have all the insight needed for optimal pipeline integrity management.

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