Data presentation

All functions required to operate the transducers, including data processing, are actioned through SAM (Sensor Array Module) electronic cards. The ultrasonic transducers and their associated electronics are installed in polymer cassettes. A number of these cassettes are installed in the UltraMonit® monitoring clamp which is connected to a data logger.

The data-logger provides a real time two-way communication link with the outside world via cable or acoustics. It can, alternatively, store the data locally for subsequent collection.

Measurements collected from the data-logger are stored on a data server. Monitoring data are made available to the end user via a WEB based graphical user interface. This interface allows for quick evaluation of corrosion status by traffic light colour logic.

The end user can study the raw data from each transducer, or apply filters to enable a quick view of any transducer that has detected a corrosion or erosion rate greater than a predefined value set by the user.