Erosion monitoring system

Erosion monitoring systems ensure safe and economic operations
by continuously verifying pipe wall condition and by utilizing fast
information to tune sand control, optimizing production rates.

What is non-intrusive erosion monitoring?

Erosion is caused by particles, most often sand, impacting the pipe wall and potentially causing fast and localized metal loss, increasing the operational risk for asset and personnel. Non-intrusive erosion monitoring uses highly precise ultrasound technology to measure the thickness of the pipe wall and track changes to the pipes. Erosion rates are calculated from changes in wall thickness over time.

Sand erosion is most prominent at choke manifolds and flowline bends. Therefore, erosion monitoring is normally conducted at such locations.

Erosion monitoring also give early warning if erosion rates increase, enabling operators to take actions before the pipes take significant damage. Furthermore, the high-sensitivity measurements enable operators to adjust production – tuning it to either the highest “sand free” rates, or to allow a set amount of sand to enter the system – potentially increasing production rates significantly.

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Visualization of non-intrusive erosion monitoring with Sensorlink equipment. Picture.

How it works: Erosion monitoring with ultrasonic measurements

The foundation of our erosion monitoring system is ultrasonic pulse-echo technology. When combined with high quality mechanical engineering, advanced algorithms, and cutting-edge data processing, the technology enables us to provide market leading accuracy in our measurements (up to +/- 2,5 µm repeatability).

Measurements from multiple sensors are processed in the control unit. Easy to understand metal loss data is provided to the user for direct implementation – or viewed using our application software. More detailed data analyses are available from Sensorlink on request.

In addition to our market leading accuracy, in our solution, multiple sensors are matched with a data logger. A larger number of sensors equate a greater degree of pipe coverage, and therefore, a better understanding of erosion and corrosion in a larger area of the inner pipe wall.

UltraMonit® and Swarm S2® erosion and corrosion monitoring systems

Sensorlink’s non-intrusive solutions allow efficient erosion monitoring without penetrating the pipe wall, as needed by conventional methods. Intrusive sensors may cause flow turbulence, which could increase the erosion damage.

Erosion attacks in a bend are usually not uniformly distributed. The array of UT sensors in our Swarm® and UltraMonit® systems maximize the probability of detecting possible localized erosion attacks in a bend or flowline.

Finally, with continuously powered systems, measurements can be conducted more often, increasing accuracy, and providing earlier warnings if sudden changes in sand production takes place.

Key advantages

  • Highest measurement accuracy in the market, allowing more reliable information and faster actions.
  • Continuously powered systems allow high measurement frequency, ensuring faster and more reliable information when sand erosion happens.
  • Easy to integrate with your existing system – or use with our application software.
  • Array of UT sensors cover critical area of a pipe, tracking variations in local area erosion.
  • Competitive pricing and customizable installation.
  • Online or remote operation, wired and wireless options available.
  • Straight forward and easy to understand data.
  • Real-time access to data.

UltraMonit® Subsea: For greenfield- and brownfield applications

Sensorlink erosion monitoring systems are suitable for all your subsea erosion monitoring needs. Visit our product page to download data sheets with technical information and specifications.

Greenfield applications

Greenfield and Brownfield applications

Erosion monitoring in subsea control systems

Swarm S2®: For topside/ landbased and buried installations

Sensorlink erosion monitoring systems are suitable for all your topside erosion monitoring needs.
Visit our product page to download data sheets with technical information and spesifications.


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