Erosion monitoring system

Erosion monitoring systems ensure that operators maintain full
control of wall thickness reduction in critical parts of their pipeline infrastructure.


UltraMonit® erosion and
corrosion monitoring system

Sensorlink has the perfect system for you to control wall thickness reduction, caused by erosion, without penetrating pipeline walls – the non-intrusive erosion monitoring system, UltraMonit®.

non-intrusive erosion monitoring system

Pipeline integrity is normally compromised by erosion at choke manifolds and bends. Erosion is caused by solid particles, like sand, impacting the pipeline wall over time. Since the purpose of erosion monitoring systems is to have control over hazardous factors, it is important that such systems are not a threat to the pipeline integrity themselves.

By using a non-intrusive erosion monitoring system, operators can get full control of wall loss caused by erosion, all while avoiding penetration of pipeline walls.

UltraMonit® measures wall thickness loss over time and can be used for both erosion and corrosion monitoring.

Erosion monitoring system for all subsea applications

UltraMonit® is suitable for all your subsea erosion monitoring needs. Visit our product pages to download data sheets with technical information and specifications.

Key advantages for the UltraMonit® erosion and corrosion monitoring system:

• Easy to integrate with your existing system or use with our stand-alone software.
• Highest measurement accuracy in the market – using non-intrusive ultrasound technology.
• High accuracy readings over time provide greater insight and support for decision-making.
• Competitive pricing and customizable installation.
• Online or remote operation.
• Real-time access to data.

Our sensors provide unparalleled accuracy, and in our solution multiple sensors are matched with a data logger. A larger number of sensors equals a greater degree of pipeline coverage, and therefore, a better understanding of erosion and corrosion in a larger area of the inner pipeline wall.

erosion monitoring system
monitoring erosion

Ultrasonic measurements for erosion monitoring

Ultrasonic pulse-echo measurements are extensively used for measuring wall thickness loss in the oil and gas industry. This non-intrusive way of measuring wall thickness is made possible by advanced electronics, sophisticated algorithms, and highly durable hardware.