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Read more about the distrubutor agreement between Sensorlink/Cosasco and UltraMonit® Erosion monitoring tool



COSASCO appointed world wide distributor for PipeMonit® Swarm® products

Sensorlink and Cosasco have signed an agreement for worldwide distribution of topside applications, PipeMonit® Swarm®.

Cosasco has a world wide network of offices and representatives that will distribute, do engineering and service for PipeMonit® Swarm®. This will benefit all customers who will have presence from local representatives and get service on short notice.

Sensorlink will maintain ownership of the PipeMonit® SWARM® product and technology.

Harald Sleire, CEO, Sensorlink, says: “As a technology innovator and product developer it is fantastic to be partnering with a company like Cosasco, with its global reach and impressive track record. I believe this collaboration will offer a powerful and complete product offering to clients in the topside market. At the same time Sensorlink will continue to deliver its subsea products directly, which means together we can cover the entire value chain.”

“Thanks to this exclusive agreement with Sensorlink, we are enabling customers to further optimize their operations by reducing the health, safety and commercial risks associated with NDT inspections. With Sensorlink’s innovative PipeMonit® Swarm® technology integrating seamlessly with our new and existing Microcor® Online systems, together we can offer the highest resolution, real-time asset integrity monitoring systems on the market,” said Mike D’Anzieri, President, Cosasco.

Web site for COSASCO:


Successful installation of PipeMonit® in Malaysia

Sensorlink has recently finished the installation of a PipeMonit® system for the Gumusut Kakap field in Malaysia.
The PipeMonit® system installed consist of 48 SWARM® sensors and a Safe Data Logger(SDL).
The Swarm® sensors was installed on 6 pcs 8 inch production riser bends with difficult access for manual inspection.

This PipeMonit® system monitor erosion/corrosion and feed data to the platform DCS and enables the operator to take rapid action if erosion/corrosion rate is changing. The end customer was very happy with the way Sensorlink performed the installation and how SWARM® can be installed without problems in areas with difficult access.
The system is now up and running and give valuable data to the operator.

Congratulations to the operator and the installation team.


Sensorlink specializes in innovative solutions for pipeline integrity management, in particular problems related to corrosion and erosion.

The main objective for us is to provide products which allow its customers to meet the demands of the modern oil and gas industry.
Sensorlinks PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients’ need for effective and reliable corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements. UltraMonit® is a clamp-on subsea tool containing ultrasonic transducers which allow online access to highly accurate corrosion data. PipeMonit® is a lighter version for topside and onshore applications.

If you want more information about our products and the services we can provide,
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Nace Corrosion 2017

Sensorlink is attending Nace Corrosion 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA. 26 March – 30 March 2017.
Visit us at boot #2352, located at the international pavilion.


API Inspection Summit 2017


Sensorlink is attending API Inspection Summit 2017, Galveston, Texas USA. 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2017.
Visit us at boot #108


Sensorlink awarded contract with West African operator

Early this year Sensorlink was awarded a contract by a major West African operator for delivery of one UltraMonit retrofit subsea unit. The contract is a collaboration between Sensorlink and our partner EON Engineering Ltd. The UltraMonit Retrofit will be installed on an existing subsea oil export pipeline to monitor corrosion rates and provide feedback on corrosion inhibitor effectiveness.

To minimise the installation cost and time, the UltraMonit is autonomous and battery driven with a wireless communication unit. Data from the UltraMonit unit uploads via acoustic communication to shore for use in the operation and asset integrity management.
The West African waters are challenging with respect to marine growth and deposits and we have therefore tailored the tool to ensure that the ultrasonic sensors work under as optimal conditions as possible, says managing director Harald Sleire. The contract is important, as it will demonstrate the ease of installing an autonomous retrofit tool to get valuable data about existing pipelines.


Sensorlink at NACE Corrosion 2016 in Vancouver

Sensorlink introduced Pipemonit® SWARM® during NACE Corrosion 2016 last week. SWARM® is a new ultrasound monitoring device which has been designed for simple installation on pipes, welds, bends, T-joints and tanks. The SWARM® units can be installed in any configuration, and is certified for use in explosive atmosphere.

Sensorlinks booth was part of the international pavilion, and the main item on display was a matrix of six SWARM® modules which were installed on a section of steel pipe. In addition, an interactive metal loss sensitivity demonstration was available which was very popular amongst the audience.


Sensorlink AS launches PipeMonit® Swarm® at NACE CORROSION 2016.

Sensorlink AS is excited to announce the launch of PipeMonit® Swarm®, a flexible retrofittable ultrasonic based sensor system for high resolution corrosion and erosion monitoring.

Swarm® can be installed on any existing pipe or pipelines without production interference. No gluing, no welding or removal of coating required. No penetration of the pipe wall!
Combined with our Data Logger and PipeView® software Swarm® offers online and real-time corrosion and erosion monitoring. Its unique design enables quick installation on bends, tee-joints and weld joints providing online wall loss detection caused by any erosion or corrosion including sand erosion, selective weld corrosion and HAZ corrosion.
Our PipeMonit technology is used to manage corrosion inhibitor programs.
The official launch date for PipeMonit® Swarm® is set to the NACE CORROSION 2016 exhibition – March 6-10 – Vancouver Convention Centre – Canada. Come visit us and see live demo of PipeMonit® Swarm® at Booth 1750 at the International Pavillion



Sensorlink awarded the Impello Prize

Highest turnover growth in the «Midt-Norge» region of Norway.

Managing Director Harald Sleire receives the prize from Frode Iglebæk (Impello Management) at the NIT yearly presentation of the Midt-Norge region oil and gas industry state-of-affairs.

The Impello Prize is awarded to the company in the region with the highest turnover growth, and Sensorlink achieved a stunning growth of 290% from 2013 to 2014. This is related to the delivery of 10 advanced UltraMonit® subsea tool for BP at the Shah Deniz 2 field.

The growth is a recognition of the technology and capability of Sensorlink to deliver complex subsea projects and integrate its technology with major EPC contactors says Sleire.

Full details of the prize interview (Norwegian only)  and for the complete analysis please visit


Sensorlink awarded major contract with BP

Sensorlink, in collaboration with Innovation Norway and NCEI partners, awarded a major subsea instrumentation contract.

BP have awarded Sensorlink a contract worth approximately 50 million NOK to deliver 10 of its UltraMonit® high precision corrosion monitoring systems for BP-operated Shah Deniz Stage 2 development project in Azerbaijan. The UltraMonit® instrument is to be used as part of Shah Deniz 2’s flowline Integrity Management Strategy, monitoring corrosion rates and providing real time feedback on the effectiveness of the injected anti-corrosions inhibitors.

Harald Sleire, Managing Director of Sensorlink, commented “This is a very important milestone not only for Sensorlink, but also as acceptance of the technology as a valuable tool in Oil and Gas production. The uniqueness of our none-intrusive technology is the level of sensitivity which allows detection of micrometre changes in corrosion rate within a matter of days. This capability is what distinguishes Sensorlink from many of our competitors and was a tributary factor in being invited to qualify for this esteemed contract”.

Mr Sleire also commented on the uniqueness of the Trondheim region which he felt was instrumental in the success of Sensorlink from qualification activities through to this delivery.

UltraMonit® corrosion monitoring unit installed on pipe system

The UltraMonit® technology was originally developed in collaboration with Statoil and Gassco and was then commercialised by Sensorlink.  The system was first qualified to work in conjunction with DEH (Direct Electric Heating), where Sensorlink collaborated directly with BP and SINTEF (one of the world’s leading authorities on DEH).

In initiation of the qualification, Mr Sleire emphasised the role Innovation Norway had had as an active funding partner in enabling the start-up of the project. During additional stages of the qualification Sensorlink have, and are still collaborating extremely closely with Inventas on subseas design, NCEI partner’s such as Simpro on manufacturing, vibration and temperature qualification (ISO 13626-8), and Norbit on pressure testing and quality assurance.

Sensorlink  have also worked closely with Axess Orkanger on weld qualification and with Bredero Shaw on thermal coating of the prototype. In the final stages of the qualification we have also had the pleasure of working with Statoil Rotvoll to perform what is known as TRL4 testing, where the complete UltraMonit® subsea unit was pressure tested in seawater over a 48 hour period to establish that the system is fully functional in its natural operational environment to water depths of up to 2000m.

Mr Sleire stated “This project marks a major breakthrough for Sensorlink in the subsea market with the 10 units being delivered to BP-operated Shah Deniz 2 Project over the next 2 years, thus securing a high level of activity and a unique opportunity to develop the company.

For further details please contact Harald Sleire Managing Director or Edd Tveit Business Development Director. 



ISO9001 certificate

Sensorlink has qualified for ISO 9001-2015 Certificate


UltraMonit® Heidrun










Sensorlink installed a UltraMonit® subsea clamp on a water injection pipeline at the Heidrun platform in the North Sea 3-4 years back. The clamp was equipped with 96 ultrasound transducers for circumpherencial measurement around 50 cm along the pipe.









The system was designed with acoustic communication so that data could be picked up by the platform’s ROV. The data has not been collected the last year, and we were very curious about the data quality when it was picked up from the water in May 2013. The data was of high quality and with high resolution. The picture below showes a sample wall loss kurve for one measurement channel. This curve indicates that the wall lost 0,19 mm of wall thickness during the 315 days plotted. The average wall loss for the measurement area (all 96 transducers) over the same period was approximately 0,10 mm.









New PipeMonit® installation

Sensorlink is planning six new installations for a Canadian Oilsands operator this summer. The installation will then count 20 monitoring stations in total. The installations are wireless, with cell phone communication (GSM) and battery/solar power. The system provides the operator with exact real-time wall thickness measurment in 360 degrees around the circumference of the pipe (24 clock positions), wall loss rates, wear profiles and more. The operator is using this knowledge to optimize pipeline maintenance and replacement, as well as using the information when designing new systems. OPEX is reduced by moving away from manual inspection, and CAPEX is reduced by exstending pipeline lifetime.

Posted on5. June 2013


UltraMonit® subsea pilot

Sensorlink is working together with a UK North Sea operator to do a pilot trial this summer on a 12″ coated subsea pipeline. The test is set up to verify UltraMonit® performance when reading through 3-layer Polypropylene (3LPP) with an UItraMonit® retrofit clamp-on solution. The client is looking for a high resolution system to monitor their pipelines for different kind of corrosion and erosion. The pipeline that will be monitored for this test is expected to experience bottom-of-line corrosion.


Direct dialing #

As our monitoring tools, Sensorlink is now wireless – meaning that we only use cell phones. Direct dialing numbers to Sensorlink employees is no longer in operation. Use the front desk number +47 73 53 80 50 or call us on our cell phones. You will find our #s under the tab Contact Us.


NACE Corrosion 2013

Sensorlink is attending the NACE International Corrosion 2013 Conference & Expo in Orlando FL March 17-21 2013. Visit booth # 657 at the Expo for a talk about Non-Intrusive Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring.

Øystein Baltzersen and Ingar Nerbø will be presenting at the symposia Corrosion Monitoring in Subsea Installation in Orange County Convention Center 330 A on Monday 18th from 9 to 9:25. The subject is Corrosion monitoring of a polymer coated subsea pipe with ultrasound.


Canadian energy company expand usage of PipeMonit®

One of Canada’s major oil producers instrument one of its pipelines with a complete PipeMonit® monitoring solution from Sensorlink. The solution enables the customer to monitor the erosion rates and optimise the service life of their pipelines.

After having tested the technology for more than a year in a limited area of the pipeline they decided on expanding usage of PipeMonit®. The testing included considering the impact of the Canadian harsh climate and operating conditions. Sensorlink are pleased to deliver and install additional fourteen fully autonomous measuring systems along the pipeline.

How it works

Each measuring points contains two sensor belts. The sensors are logging the erosion rate twice a day. The measurement data are sent via cell phone technology to the Sensorlink application server in Trondheim. Sensorlink provides a Managed Data Service to the customer which includes providing loss of wall thickness information via a secure web interface. The customer has easy access to the reliable and accurate data from anywhere in their operation.


Monitoring solution for flexible risers carcass dislocation

This condition monitoring application is one of the world’s first to be fitted inside a producing flexible riser. Sensorlink is capable of monitoring a dislocation of the carcass if it draws near the riser head.

An Ultrasonic (UT) reflector tag is fixed to the carcass. The UT sensor is placed on the outside of the riser end termination. The UT sensor detects the 3 mm reflector inside the 130 mm thick steel wall of the riser end termination. The monitoring results are displayed on a LCD screen in the instrument room.

Technology evolvement

Sensorlink developed this tailored version of the Pipemonit™  technology in close collaboration with Statoil, Mechanica and Oceaneering. The work resulted in an enhancement of the Pipemonit™ technology. The UT sensor relies on enhanced signal processing hence the capabilities of Pipemonit’s signal processing was improved considerably. In addition due to the hazardous environment the solution is delivered with the appropriate Ex classification.


Extended opportunities

Sensorlink acquired by Axess

Autumn 2010 the Axess Group acquired Sensorlink. The acquisition is based on Axess’ strategic intention to strengthen their position within integrity management and including advanced monitoring technology. Sensorlink’s product portfolio fits well with the primary markets of Axess; Total Rig Integrity Management, Inspection and Engineering Services.

For Sensorlink this acquisition represents an opening into the integrity management market. It enhances Sensorlink’s ability to provide more complete services in addition to their current product range.


Sensorlink steps up marketing initiative with Kentron Systems in Canada

Corrosion Monitoring Solutions Take Centre Stage

Sensorlink, a leading provider of corrosion management solutions to the oil and gas industry, announced that it has entered into an agent agreement with Kentron Systems Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Kentron Systems will sell and distribute Sensorlink’s products for corrosion monitoring of pipelines and processing plants throughout Canada. Kentron is the first agent that Sensorlink has appointed to sell its products overseas.

“We are very happy to enter into this agreement with Kentron Systems in Canada. It is well established, and has a good reputation in Canada, which is a market that we feel offers a large potential for pipeline corrosion and erosion monitoring,” said Kenneth Jekteberg, Managing Director of Sensorlink. “Currently Sensorlink’s products are being used throughout the North Sea. This agency appointment is part of a strategic plan to achieve greater market penetration both onshore and subsea,” he added.

Corrosion Monitoring Plays Vital Role in Verifying Pipeline Integrity

Industry-wide regulations stipulate that operators must comply with the increased demand for transportation of oil and gas in a safe and environmentally sound manner. As a result, pipeline operators are required to verify the integrity of their pipelines at all times. A corrosion monitoring system can play a vital role in a pipeline integrity management program by providing detailed and reliable information on pipeline status.

“Sensorlink’s products will blend nicely with the rest of our portfolio within instrumentation products for the oil and gas industry,” said Joe Schuler, President of Kentron. “This gives us the opportunity to better assist our clients in meeting their requirements for control of asset integrity and for cost- effective pipeline operations,” he added.


Sensorlink delivers measurement system for controlling vibration

Sensorlink was chosen as the supplier of the measurement system for monitoring vibration on the subsea installation of Statoil’s Gjøa field in the North Sea. The Gjøa field is due for start-up during 2010. The flexible riser (rough bore) used in connection with floating production platforms can cause vibration in the pipelines subsea and in the platforms’ piping system. Sensorlink delivered a complete measurement system to Gjøa for verification of the size of such vibrations.

July 2009 Sensorlink delivered the first part of the measurement system. Sensors were installed at several locations on the subsea structure of the Gjøa field and a cable was laid to the connection point. For the second half of the delivery, started in September 2009, the company delivered the data collection and communication solutions.

Among other things the measurement system is used to establish the relation between vibration and the production from the facility in question. This will ensure that the production equipment is not exposed to vibration levels beyond their tolerance specifications.

For more information, please contact:
Managing Director Kenneth Jekteberg
Information and Marketing Manager Trude Ravndal


High resolution ultrasound wall thickness measurements through polyester coating and real-time process control

Paper:  High resolution ultrasound wall thickness measurements through polyester coating and real-time process control(pdf, 334 kb)
Epoxy-, polyester-, paint and similar coatings are often used for external corrosion protection on pipelines and other process equipment. It is well known that ultrasound transducers can determine wall thickness through such coatings. This paper explores how the sensitivity of high resolution pulse-echo ultrasound measurements from permanently installed immersion sensors are affected.