Swarm® STM

Still doing manual NDT inspections? Upgrade to Swarm® STM (Short Term Monitoring).

Swarm® STM bundle consisting of sensors, data logger and data collection software is installed in a matter of hours – after which you are live with remote, non-intrusive and highly precise corrosion/erosion monitoring.

PipeMonit® Swarm Sensor inspection

Swarm® STM – for short term monitoring of corrosion and erosion

Corrosion and erosion monitoring should be easy – and it is! Using Swarm® STM, installing sensors and collecting data can be done in a matter of hours. Leave the equipment in place for weeks, months, or years until you feel confident about your wall loss rate in this location – then move the equipment and reinstall the sensors at another location.

PipeMonit® Swarm data logger in front with sensor on pipe in the background

Key advantages

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to move
  • Autonomous battery-operated system
  • Bluetooth data collection
  • All data given in CSV (Comma Separated Values) which can be used directly by client
  • Maintenance-free
  • Market leading repeatability (+/- 10 µm)

How it works:

  1. Strap sensors to pipe
  2. Connect sensors to data logger
  3. Collect your wall thickness data via Bluetooth
  4. View wall thickness over time in PipeView® or other SW (for example MS Excel)
PipeMonit® Swarm sensors on pipe with data logger in the background
PipeMonit® Swarm sensor on pipe

What do you get?

  • Raw data (for reports and analysis)
  • Wall thickness
  • Temperature
  • Time stamped data
  • Two years storage of data (when conducting one measurement per day)

This is the Swarm® STM system:

PipeMonit® Swarm STM system

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