We provide the industry’s most accurate wall thickness measurements. Choose the wireless PipeMonit® Swarm for better, safer and more proactive decisions in your pipeline management. With a temperature range up to 550°C and wireless communication through ISA 100, PipeMonit® Swarm is the corrosion engineer’s favorite tool.

  • Non-intrusive.
  • Highly accurate wall thickness measurements.
  • Accurate wall loss history.
  • Fast, simple and maintenance free installation.
  • Efficient wireless data collection.

Wireless communication

through ISA 100 will give easy access to data from the system. A prerequisite for ISA 100 communication from the PipeMonit® Swarm system is that the location has ISA 100 infrastructure with access points. Our open approach to data collection and data transfer make utilization of data for IoT and Big Data purposes easy.

Data Collection

There are two ways of gathering data from the PipeMonit® Swarm system: ISA 100 wireless communication directly to the client CCS/DCS or Bluetooth to a PDL(Portable Data Logger). Data from the PDL is easily transferred to the client CCS/DCS through cable or Bluetooth.

Sensor Types

There are three different wireless Swarm sensors pending on temperature requirement in the place of installation:

Swarm LT (Low Temperature)
– for temperatures
up to 150°C

Swarm HT (High Temperature)
– for temperatures
up to 350°C

Swarm UHT (Ultra High Temperature)
– for temperatures
up to 550°C