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PipeMonit® Swarm®

Real-time erosion and corrosion monitoring

PipeMonit® Swarm® is a high resolution ultrasonic erosion and corrosion monitoring tool which provides quick response to wall thickness changes in pipelines and vessels. It is non-invasive, installed and operated without interfering with production.

The Swarm®s ability to provide fast and accurate wall thickness loss measurements makes it a cost-effective tool for real-time feedback of corrosion inhibitor programs. The Swarm® is rated for Atex Zone 1 and C1 Zone 1. The Swarm® sensor matrix is retrofittable and installed simply by strapping the Swarm® to the pipe. No gluing, no welding and no hot workpermits required. Swarm® wall thickness monitoring is based on the well-established ultrasonic pulse-echo method.

Some advantages are:

  • Accurate erosion/corrosion feedback increases the service life of pipelines
  • Real-time feedback on the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors makes a significant OPEX saving
  • Accurate wall loss history enables reduced inspection and intelligent pigging activity
  • Accurate and direct sand erosion monitoring
  • Monitoring of selective weld corrosion and heat-affected zone (HAZ) corrosion
  • Fast and maintenance free installation
  • Being retrofittable, the Swarm® can be relocated without expert support

The tool’s ultrasonic system provides reliable and repeatable high accuracy wall thickness measurements at selected locations along a pipeline. As the tool can be retrofitted at any time, it can be moved between different locations. It is easily clamped on to new or existing pipelines without special tools. The PipeMonit® tool causes no interference with ongoing pipeline operation.

How does it work?

The Swarm® S1 ultrasonic sensor measures wall thickness as a function of time providing market leading resolution on wall thickness loss. A Swarm®consists of multiple daisy chained S1 sensors organized in a customized matrix to cover a bend, straight pipe, or a weld. The Swarm® is connected  to a USB Junction box for manual

capture of data, a FDL (Field Data Logger) or SDL (Safe Data Logger) for autonomous operation. Swarm® operates with cable lengths up to 500 meters without loss in performance and wall thickness resolution.

The SDL operates and stores data locally, in addition to providing the data via Modbus interface or 4-20 mA. The DL operates and stores data locally providing online real-time wall thickness monitoring when connected to a PipeView® PC or Server, it be via GSM or Ethernet. Alternatively, the stored data can be collected using a PDL – Portable Data Logger.

The PDL communicates with the FDL via Bluetooth and it provides the operator with graphical presentations of wall thickness data and corrosion rates.

Installation and Maintenance

Swarm® offers simpler, faster, and safer installation than any competing systems:

  • Clean the pipe surface. No need to remove solid coatings
  • Position the Swarm® and engage the locking mechanism, no gluing or welding required
  • Connect the Swarm® to the Junction Box or the Field Data Logger
  • Connect the Portable Data Logger, configure the system, and verify successful installation
  • Fit a Swarm® protection cover

Single sensors are replaceable. The entire Swarm® unit can be adjusted or relocated by the operator. Install Swarm®, monitor your pipeline and improve your asset integrity management.


Corrosion and erosion is a major cost in the oil and gas and associated industries, and recurrently the reason for accidents and unplanned interruptions. Wall loss monitoring is important for verification of the assets integrity, optimised corrosion and erosion mitigation and control.

Swarm® s unique design allows for installation on critical areas such as top of welds, heated weld zones, elbows, and T-pieces to monitor and detect:

  • Selective weld corrosion
  • Heat-affected zone (HAZ) corrosion
  • Erosion and corrosion on elbows and T-joints

Swarm® substitutes probes and coupons in sour operations.

It is designed to be used in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process, Mining and any other Industries with pipe wall erosion or corrosion problems.

Key Advantages

Swarm® is the market leading non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring system providing wall loss resolution better than 0,1 mills or 2,5µm. The high resolution gives swift detection of corrosion and erosion rate changes.

A world class corrosion monitoring system is an investment in improved economy, prolonged asset life and safer operations resulting in customer feedback:

“Prolonged pipeline lifetime up to 2-3 times”

“Reduced chemical inhibitor use with over 20%”

Swarm® is built to endure challenging conditions and harsh environment throughout its field life. No moving parts means Swarm® is practically maintenance free and there is no need for calibration after installation.

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