Read about us in Oil & Gas Innovation

We’ve been interviewed by Oil & Gas Innovation – and in the article we explain how our clients achieve smarter integrity management – through non-intrusive, high precision measurements of wall thickness loss.

In the article Oil & Gas Innovation highlight how remote monitoring not only is smarter for operators looking for added value from their data – but also much more cost effective than inspections.

“The general benefit of monitoring vs inspecting is that one can observe changes in wall loss or corrosion rate more accurate. Not only can one determine the actual corrosion rate much faster, but with a historical trend of the corrosion rate one can correlate the corrosion rate with other operational parameters like flow temperature, flow rate, chemical composition etc. This gives rise to much more insight into how the process parameters influence the corrosion rate and how the degradation of an asset develops over time. This is very valuable information to be used in life-time assessment of an asset.”

Download the full article in PDF format here, or read online.