RiserMonit® System

RiserMonit® Carcass Detector

The RiserMonit® Carcass Detector is designed to detect a potential failure mode in flexible risers where the carcass may be overloaded close to the end termination. The tool is installed on the platforms in the North Sea. The detector is among the world’s first tools to be installed inside a producing riser. The RiserMonit® Carcass Detector applies the Sensorlink ultrasound technology to detect the possible carcass failure applying an internally mounted UT reflector. The RiserMonit® Carcass Detector holds Ex certificate for Zone 1. The carcass position status is communicated to the control system and to local indication panels.

RiserMonit® Vibration Monitor

This product is used to ensure that vibration levels on offshore installations are kept within safe operating limits. Real-time vibration information i automatically transmitted by the RiserMonit® monitor to the main data acquisition system onshore. Currently the monitor is installed on the Gjøa platform in the North Sea to measure vibration levels at selected locations on the export riser base. The sensors are installed on steelwork on the ERB, and are connected to the data acquisition system by electric jumper cables. The RiserMonit® Vibration Monitor is developed in close collaboration with GdF Suez.

RiserMonit® Motion Monitor

This is a concept based on the technology from PipeMonit® and the inclination sensor used there. The autonomous belts from Sensorlink can be used for measuring the inclination and motion of any object, including risers and derricks. The RiserMonit® Motion Monitor is delivered as customized project and the form factor is adapted to the customer’s needs.