Sensorlink enters renewable energy industry

Sensorlink has been selected to supply remote penstock monitoring on a project for a major European hydro power company. The project marks a milestone for Sensorlink, as the company expands its business to new and emerging markets.

Sensorlink is pleased to announce its first international contract in the green energy market.
— This is the result of long-term strategic work and proof of the adaptability of our technology, says CMO Jan-Tore Ervik.

Erosion monitoring on hydro power plants

For some time, Sensorlink has piloted the use of our sensor system for erosion monitoring on penstock and water supply pipes. Originally developed to monitor corrosion and erosion on topside Oil & Gas infrastructure, often in areas with harsh weather conditions, the sensor system has delivered reliable and accurate data – just as expected.

Remote monitoring of penstocks

More and more industries aim to automate and digitalize their infrastructure monitoring. The hydro power industry is no exception. As opposed to doing manual inspection – which is both costly and a HSE risk – hydro power companies can now remotely monitor erosion at key points of interest.
— Our method for non-intrusive measurements using ultrasound technology allow for high resolution measurements. Clients can easily detect wall loss smaller than the thickness of a strand of hair – and conduct maintenance that’s preventive and predictable rather than reactive and hasty, adds Ervik.

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