Sensorlink hires corrosion monitoring expert

Sensorlink keeps on growing in 2023. To ensure that you make well-informed decisions about your pipes and pipelines, we’ve expanded our team – with more than 30 years of experience from the corrosion monitoring industry.

Starting January 1st, Kjell Wold has joined our team from Emerson, filling the position as Business Development Director.

— I look forward to utilizing my years of experience working with corrosion and erosion monitoring to ensure that all Sensorlink customers not only have market leading accuracy in their measurements, but also converts this knowledge into quantifiable decision support, says Wold.

— Kjell’s expertise and industry knowledge will be invaluable, as we continue to deliver market-leading measurement accuracy to new and existing markets. With Kjell on the team, we are well situated to help our customers make full use of their data, says Jan-Tore Ervik, Sensorlink CMO.

Corrosion engineer and electrochemist

After graduating as a corrosion engineer and electro chemist in 1983, Wold has worked with corrosion monitoring for more than 30 years.

— Throughout my career, identifying monitoring applications and solutions has been an integral part of my work, Wold explains, and continues:

— In addition, the practical application of measurements – that is, how to turn accurate measurements into decision support – has been an important area of focus.

Why are accurate measurements important?

One of Wold’s key tasks at Sensorlink will be to ensure that all Sensorlink customers are able to fully utilize their measurement data.

— From a technical perspective, Sensorlink are doing all the right things. The accuracy of our measurements is market leading – but why should our customers care? What are the advantages of extremely accurate measurements? We need to do a better job communicating our system’s vast potential, Wold says.

Extended equipment life expectancy, better maintenance planning and increased asset uptime are just three of several important benefits of accurate corrosion and erosion monitoring.

— Another good example is how accurate measurements allow operators to tune production to the maximum rates, whilst not exceeding acceptable sand production and erosion. Such fine-tuning necessitates very accurate and frequent measurements, to track changes in pipe wall thickness in real-time, which Sensorlink can deliver.

Corrosion monitoring made easy

When used to its full extent, Sensorlink’s measurement data open a range of exciting opportunities for our customers.

— We need to visualize and convey complex results and large data sets accurately and in an intelligible way, so that our customers understand their data – the data’s full potential – and how to utilize it in productive ways. This is one of my ambitions for Sensorlink, says Wold.

Learn about the benefits of market-leading accuracy, made possible by our corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions.