UltraMonit® Erosion

Sensorlink’s UltraMonit® Erosion is built after the same principle as the other UltraMonit products, with ultrasonic pulse echo transducers, data logger and data storage. It can also be connected to the subsea control system for transfer of data.

What makes UltraMonit® Erosion special is the mechanical wrapping. The tool can be fitted on any subsea module or subsea spool. The tool is built up by modules which can be fitted into any place that is difficult to reach with traditional tools, ROV and divers.

To the right is a picture of a UltraMonit® Eroison fitted into a choke module for monitoring of sand erosion on a flowline bend downstream of the choke. The tool can also be fitted on spools in a cluster of templates or any other place where it is difficult to fit a traditional tool and you need monitoring.

Sensorlink has years of experience applying different technologies for monitoring pipes and steel structures. The UltraMonit® Erosion is one example of how we work together with our customers to find solutions on problems that comes up during operation.

The UltraMonit® Erosion shares most of the key advantages with the other UltraMonit products.

• Non-Intrusive direct wall thickness measurement
• Online and real-time feedback 
• Battery powered or powered by cable
• Works through solid external coatings (PE, 3LPP, FBE, etc.)
• Improved pipeline integrity management
• Life extension and improved safety margins for late life pipelines
• Removable, movable and replaceable throughout the lifetime of the tool