Data retrieval

All the UltraMonit® SEC instruments have the option of being connected directly to a subsea control system for online data capturing. The UltraMonit® SEC can communicate through all normal communication protocols like SIIS Leve 2 and SIIS Level 3 and Sensorlink have inhouse expertise to generate other communication protocols if needed. If online communications is not possible for example due to distances all UltraMonit® instruments can be operated as autonomus units with battery power and local data storage. One option to retrieve data in such case is to pull the retrievable datalogger by ROV or diver, take datalogger topside and empty it from data before you put it subsea again.

Subsea installation

The UltraMonit® Sec instruments have different ways of installation pending on the application. The UltraMonit® SEC InSitu is normally installed together with the pipeline from a pipelay vessel, the UltraMonit® SEC Retrofit is normally installed either by a crane vessel and a ROV or a crane vessel and a diver. The UltraMonit® SEC Erosion is installed dry before deploying the subsea control system subsea.