High accuracy pipeline corrosion monitoring and wall thickness measurement

UltraMonit® is a system that effectively monitors internal corrosion and erosion rates in pipelines using ultrasound technology to provide highly accurate measurements. The system is a “clamp-on” tool, meaning that the installation and utilization of the equipment does not interfere with the operation of the pipeline in any way. It is ideal for new and existing pipelines.

An advantage of the system is that customers can optimize their use of corrosion inhibitors or can predict the remaining lifetime of a pipeline. The UltraMonit® system can also be used for the verification and calibration of inspection pig data at selected locations and provide information about critical areas between inspection surveys.The technical implementation of the UltraMonit® tool for subsea pipelines is as an instrumented clamp which can be installed on pipelines by diver or ROV. As the tool can be retrofitted at any time, it can be moved between different locations.

The UltraMonit® system is based on the well-established ultrasonic pulse-echo method (A-scan). Special processing methods have been developed for such instrumentation that is fixed to the pipeline. This gives high resolution and accuracy measurements for monitoring wall loss.

Key advantages:

  • Non-intrusive, meaning no threat to pipeline integrity
  • Flexible number and placement of sensors in the UltraMonit tool
  • Immediate feedback on the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors
  • Online or remote operation
  • Real-time data readout
  • Automated measurement, logging and analysis
  • Flexible reading intervals determined by operator
  • Direct access to results from via secure web interface

Subsea installation

The UltraMonit® equipment can be installed and operated without interfering with the operation of the pipeline. It can also be removed and reinstalled in another location if the client desires. In the case of subsea pipelines, the equipment is deployed through use of an instrumented clamp which can be installed on new or existing pipelines by diver or ROV.

Data Communication

The UltraMonit® system communicates wirelessly via acoustic modem or alternatively via cable or optical link, as well as satellite or radio link from surface to the UltraMonit® server.

Alternatively, a cable to a surface communication buoy or platform can be installed, and if not viable, data stored in the UltraMonit® controller can be retrieved by an ROV or diver. The controller is designed for long-term data storage due to its internal long-life battery.

Technical Specification

Pipe size: 3″ – 34″
Wall thickness: 3 – 200 mm
Relative accuracy: < 0.1 mm
Inclinometer: ± 2° (angular)
Temperature sensor: ± 1°C

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