1996 Sensorlink AS founded in Trondheim
1998 Subsea communication system developed for Plugging Specialists International/T.D. Williamson Inc. The system is based on electromagnetic technology using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range.
2001 Geomag services delivered to several operators in the North Sea. Geomag, a MWD (measurement while drilling) tool, improves directional drilling based on magnetic positioning.
2003 Installation of first 12 inch Ultramonit™ onshore clamp for StatoilHydro at Kårstø plant, Norway. Ultramonit, a clamp-on tool used for corrosion monitoring, is based on ultrasonic technology.
2004 PistonTrack®, the first system for monitoring heave compensators, installed at a drilling platform in the North Sea. The Pistontrack system measures the position of floating pistons and is based on electromagnetic measurement principles.
2005 Shipscan developed. Based on ultrasonic technology, the Shipscan system is used for mapping ship-hull corrosion.
2005 Development and testing of 28 inch Ultramonit prototype subsea clamp for StatoilHydro
2006 Development and testing of 10 inch Ultramonit prototype ROV installable subsea clamp for StatoilHydro
2008 Installation of 34 inch UltraMonit® subsea system in the North Sea for major international oil company
2008 Sensorlink office established in Houston, Texas
2009 Sensorlink office established in Stavanger, Norway
2009 Installation of 14 inch UltraMonit® subsea system for StatoilHydro
2010 Installation of one remote erosion sensor for automatic operation in Canada. A test and qualification project for the PipeMonit® system.
2010 Sensorlink is acquired by the Axess group and becomes part of a large well recognised Integrity management and engineering group.
2011 Development and delivery of one of the world’s first monitoring tool to observe internal condition in a flexible riser. The tool is based on a customised version of PipeMonit® and is classified for operation in hazardous area (Ex ic).
2011 Delivery of a Pipmonit™ pilot series for erosion monitoring in slurry lines in Canada. Delivery consists of 28 PipeMonit® sensor belts in 14 monitoring locations. Data are processed by the Sensorlink Managed Data Service enabling easy access for the customer via web.