Non-intrusive corrosion monitoring

Non-intrusive corrosion monitoring is achieved by measuring changes in pipe wall thickness over time,
while using highly precise ultrasound technology.

Topside/landbased erosion and
corrosion monitoring
Subsea erosion and
corrosion monitoring

A lot of challenges may occur when you are operating a pipeline. Therefore, it is important to have a proactive approach to maintenance and production control. Non-intrusive corrosion monitoring may be your solution.

Wireless topside/landbased corrosion and erosion monitoring technology

Subsea corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions

Two of the most important questions pipeline operators can ask themselves are:

1. Is corrosion or erosion a problem in my pipeline?
2. Does the corrosion/erosion problem pose a large enough threat to warrant monitoring?

If your answer is yes to both these questions, a corrosion monitoring solution should be considered. If you’d also like to preserve the structural integrity of your pipeline you should choose non-intrusive corrosion monitoring. Our non-intrusive corrosion monitoring technology yields reliable and precise results, and most importantly, gives you full control of the integrity of your pipeline.

Two people showcasing how a module for non-intrusive corrosion monitoring works. Picture.

Reliable and precise data is crucial

Sensorlink monitoring technology can measure changes in wall thickness with great accuracy. By carefully refining our algorithms and equipment, we have perfected our technology, making it both accurate and of market-leading high quality.

Our solutions ensures that wall thickness can be measured very accurately. By repeating measurements at the same spot over time, with permanently installed instrumentation, the technology will be providing reliable and precise data.

Equipment on pipelines for ultrasonic pulse-echo measurements. Picture.

Ultrasonic measurements for corrosion and erosion monitoring

To provide market leading accuracy in our measurements, we utilize ultrasonic pulse-echo technology in combination with high quality mechanical engineering, advanced algorithms and cutting-edge data processing.

Ultrasonic pulse-echo measurements are well-established for non-intrusive measurements of wall thickness. Moreover, because the technology is well-established and widely used, the values from Sensorlink’s systems are easily verified by the client.

Save time and money

Traditionally, monitoring pipelines has been a manual operation. However, modern technology now allows you to monitor your critical infrastructure remotely and in real-time, as well as to get comparable results over time.

Conventional manual inspection and measurement of pipelines will soon be obsolete. Modern pipeline integrity management is fully digitized, and is the future of corrosion measurement.

Sensorlink systems are permanently installed and will yield high accuracy readings over time. These measurements can be collected both by wired data transfer and wirelessly.  Consequently, pipeline operators will be able to make better decisions in their day-to-day production planning.

A man installing Sensorlink non-intrusive corrosion monitoring equipment on a pipeline. Picture.

Wireless topside/landbased corrosion and erosion monitoring technology

World leading real-time erosion and corrosion monitoring system.

Subsea corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions

High accuracy pipeline corrosion monitoring and wall thickness measurement.