Real-time topside/landbased erosion and corrosion monitoring

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Sensorlink Swarm® Wired and Wireless are high resolution ultrasonic erosion and corrosion monitoring tools which provides quick response to wall thickness changes in pipelines and vessels.

They are non-intrusive, and installed and operated without interfering with production.

Swarm® can be configured and tailored to the specific temperature area and to the clients communication needs whether it is wired or wireless solutions needed.

Swarm® STM

Still conducting manual NDT inspections? Upgrade to Swarm® STM (Short Term Monitoring). Install the product bundle, which include sensors, data logger and data collection software, in a matter of hours – and immediately go live with remote, non-intrusive, and highly precise (+/- 10 µm repeatability) corrosion/erosion monitoring.

Swarm® Wireless

The Swarm® Wireless is a high temperature wall thickness monitoring system with temperature range up to 550 degree Celsius and wireless communication through ISA100, WiHART, LoRa or other wireless communication protocol.

The Swarm® Wireless is an ideal solution for corrosion monitoring in all places topside and onshore. With its resolution of 2,5 micrometer and temperature range also covering refineries and process plants it is a versatile tool.

A Swarm® Wireless system typically consist of a Swarm Wireless datalogger/transmitter unit and 1-4 Swarm Wireless sensors.

Swarm® Wired

Swarm® Wired is a system for lower temperatures and wired data communication.

It typically consists of a Swarm of sensors with multiple daisy chained Swarm Wired sensors organized in a customized matrix to cover a bend, straight pipe, or a weld.

Data can be transferred directly to your central control system (CCS), a distributed control system (DCS) or to the cloud. Swarm® Wired support all common communication protocols, such as Modbus and CANbus, out of the box.

Read more about data collection using Swarm® Wired


Corrosion and erosion is a major cost in the oil and gas and associated industries, and recurrently the reason for accidents and unplanned interruptions. Wall loss monitoring is important for verification of the asset’s integrity, optimizing chemical injection and corrosion and erosion mitigation and control.

The Swarm’s® unique design allows for installation on critical areas such as buried installations, top of welds, heated weld zones, elbows, and T-pieces to monitor and detect:

  • Selective weld corrosion.
  • Heat-affected zone (HAZ) corrosion.
  • Erosion and corrosion on elbows and T-joints.
  • Buried installations.

Swarm® substitutes probes and coupons in sour operations. It is designed to be used in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process, Mining and any other Industries with pipe wall erosion or corrosion problems.

High resolution wall loss measurements

Swarm® is the market leading non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring system providing wall loss resolution better than 0,1 mills or 2,5µm. The high resolution gives swift detection of corrosion and erosion rate changes.

Robust and durable

Swarm® is built to endure challenging conditions and harsh environment throughout its field life. No moving parts means Swarm® is practically maintenance free and there is no need for calibration after installation.

Customer feedback

A world class corrosion monitoring system is an investment in improved economy, prolonged asset life and safer operations resulting in customer feedback:

“Prolonged pipeline lifetime up to 2-3 times”

“Reduced chemical inhibitor use with over 20%”