Easy and non-intrusive installation

The Swarm sensors are retrofittable and installed simply by strapping the Swarm sensors to the pipe. No gluing, no welding and no hot-work permits required.

As the Swarm® systems can be retrofitted at any time, they can be moved between different locations. They are easily strapped on to new or existing pipelines without special tools. The Swarm® systems cause no interference with ongoing pipeline operation.

Swarm® offer simpler, faster, and safer installation than any competing systems:

  • Clean the pipe surface. No need to remove solid coatings.
  • Position the Swarm sensor and engage the locking mechanism, no gluing or welding required.
  • Connect the sensors to the data logger unit(FDL, S1 DL, Swarm datalogger/transmitter).
  • Connect the Portable Data Logger, configure the system, and verify successful installation.

Single Swarm sensors are replaceable. The entire Swarm® system can be adjusted or relocated by the operator. Install Swarm® , monitor your pipeline and improve your asset integrity management.