New penstock monitoring contract secured

Just weeks after our first ever contract for remote penstock monitoring, we’re proud to announce our second contract in hydro power market. Being selected to supply penstock monitoring again in such a short timespan confirms our belief that the penstock market has a need for non-intrusive, high precision and remote monitoring technology.

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The client is once again a major European hydro power company looking to automate and digitalize their infrastructure monitoring.

— We’ve only recently introduced our technology to the hydro power industry and are very pleased to see that our technology is in demand. Positioning ourselves as a supplier to the green energy market is an important part of our continued growth, says CMO Jan-Tore Ervik.

About the delivery

Sensorlink provides non-intrusive and high resolution measurements of wall thickness loss. Because the Sensorlink technology is market leading in its precision, measuring wall loss thinner than a strand of hair, maintenance and investments can be planned at an early stage as any erosion or corrosion is registered instantaneously.

The physical delivery consist of sensors and data loggers that allow for real-time and remote monitoring of the penstock.