Top 25 of Norwegian Technology Growth Companies

As Deloitte announced their list of the fastest growing Norwegian technology companies for 2020, Sensorlink was represented at number 25. The ranking is largely based on turnover growth over the last four years and only include companies that make innovation a substantial part of their business model.

— Getting the news that we were on this list was a nice confirmation. We, of course, already knew our growth was steady and sustainable, a ranking such as this provides a valuable comparison with other innovating companies – confirming our success with both our short and long term growth strategies, says CMO Jan-Tore Ervik.

Data driven decision

As Sensorlink provides highly accurate measurements of wall thickness loss in for example pipelines, the steady increase in demand for reliable data and objective insight bodes well. Decision makers around the world are increasingly looking for better data to drive their decisions. Data must be reliable, precise, and easily available.

— Things, equipment, people, companies, and industries – everything is connected and online. We positioned our technology for connectivity early on, and clients that are looking to implement IoT, Big Data, or operational intelligence, find a natural partner in Sensorlink, explains Ervik.

Signing a series of large contracts with subsea and topside clients in the oil and gas industry over the last years, has provided a secure foundation for further innovation.

— Our goals have been, and is, to be the best provider of precision wall thickness measurements. I believe we are the premium choice for clients looking for the most robust hardware, sensitive instruments, and precise measurements. No one can deliver as precise measurements as we can. Our technology is suitable for many other applications – and in many more industries than we are delivering in today. Everyone that needs to measure wall thickness loss over time with the highest possible accuracy should contact us, says Ervik.

Ultrasound technology

The key to providing highly accurate measurements is the expertise and experience gathered in Trondheim – from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the research organization SINTEF and of course in our own organization.

— Trondheim has a leading position in developing the latest in ultrasound technology. In addition, our history for leading research and innovation on corrosion is strong. Both our founder and several of our employees began building their expertise at our local and leading technology institutions. Being close to NTNU also secures a constant access to software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and much more, says Ervik.

Further growth

Over the last decade Sensorlink has been actively seeking out new markets and steadily increasing the company’s visibility globally, in both the physical and digital world.

As we look to grow further, the recipe is unchanged: Always develop new and better technology in cooperation with our clients – and having a noticeable presence in the market. In the near future we are launching new and exciting technology in the market.

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