PipeMonit Swarm S1

The PipeMonit® Swarm S1 has different ways to collect data:

  • Connected to a USB Junction box for manual capture of data with PipeMonit® PDL(Portable Data Logger)
  • PipeMonit® FDL Ex (Field Data Logger Ex) for autonomous operation in Ex zone.
  • PipeMonit® SDL (Safe Data Logger) for autonomous operation.

The PipeMonit® Swarm SDL(Safe Data Logger) operates and stores data locally, in addition to providing the data via Modbus interface or 4-20 mA.

The PipeMonit® FDL Ex operates and stores data locally. It can also provide online real-time wall thickness monitoring when connected to a server, it be via Modbus, 4-20mA, GSM or Ethernet.

Alternatively, the stored data on the FDL Ex can be collected using a PipeMonit® PDL – Portable Data Logger. The PDL communicates with the FDL Ex via Bluetooth and it provides the operator with graphical presentations of wall thickness data and corrosion rates.

PipeMonit® Swarm® S1 operates with cable lengths up to 500 meters without loss in performance and wall thickness resolution.