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PipeMonit® Swarm®

Sensorlink award contract with West African operator

Early this year Sensorlink was awarded a contract by a major West African operator for delivery of one UltraMonit retrofit subsea unit. The contract is a collaboration between Sensorlink and our partner EON Engineering Ltd. Click to read more.

NACE Corrosion Risk Management conference

Visit us at Nace Corrosion risk management conference May 23-25 2016 in Houston Texas, boot 108.

Sensorlink AS launches PipeMonit® Swarm® at NACE CORROSION 2016

Sensorlink AS is excited to announce the launch of PipeMonit® Swarm®, a flexible retrofittable ultrasonic based sensor system for high resolution corrosion and erosion monitoring.
Click to read more.

Sensorlink awarded the Impello Prize

The Impello Prize is awarded to the company in the region with the highest turnover growth, and Sensorlink achieved a stunning growth of 290% from 2013 to 2014. This is related to the delivery of 10 advanced UltraMonit® subsea tool for BP at the Shah Deniz 2 field. Click to read more.


Sensorlink awarded major contract with BP

BP have awarded Sensorlink a contract worth approximately 50 million NOK to deliver 10 of its UltraMonit® high precision corrosion monitoring systems for BP-operated Shah Deniz Stage 2 development project in Azerbaijan. Click to read more.

ISO 9001 certification

Sensorlink is now certified according to the NS-EN ISO9001:2008 standard for quality management systems. View certificate


Sensorlink presenting a paper at the NACE North Area Western Conferance 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta January 27th-30th. The paper’s title is Field Experience from Online Ultrasound Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring of an Oil Sand Slurry Pipeline.

Coated subsea pipeline test

Sensorlink installed its UltraMonit® corrosion monitoring system at a UK North Sea 12″ 3-layer Polypropylene coated subsea pipeline in August 2013. The test shich was carried out during a 6 weeks period was a huge success, both in terms of installation/operation/retrieval, as well as measurment results. View report (pdf, 1.4 mb)

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